Nugent to Koller: “I’m royalty here!”

koller1           Richard Nugent

The Seminole Democrat

Rich Nugent is the Tea Party Congressman from District 11. He is one of those TP Caucus nuts who drives the public’s perception of Congress into the toilet. Currently, even Russia is polling higher than our own representative. Even Weeper of the House John Boehner can’t stand him.

Richard Nugent’s failed legislation reads like a right-wing wishlist: Repeal of the Health Care Law Act, Deauthorize Appropriation of Funds for ACA Act, Death Tax Repeal Act, and so on and so on. He is the one leading the call for impeachment for the President, and can’t
articulate why.

And why should he? Nugent is in what is currently a solid red district. He’s pretty confident of victory. When Nugent was asked about his Democratic opponent, David Koller, in this year’s
upcoming election, he had this to say:

“I have no idea who this David Koller is nor do I know what he’s thinking. I’m royalty here and liberals like Koller should know that.”

A self-proclaimed lover of the Constitution who thinks himself royalty. Sure, why not? Hypocrisy is his thang. This is a man who pays a ton of lip service to Veterans, then votes against their interest. This is a man who was repeatedly warned by Vet advocates about the
conditions at the for-profit Vines hospital, where Veterans with psychiatric issues are sent to be treated by people with no qualifications, but choose to ignore it.

This is a man who cheated because he didn’t want a fair fight for his seat.

Compare him to someone like Dave Koller. This is a man who does not think he is royalty by any means. At our meetup, he made sure he satisfactorily answered every question by everyone there. He really will fight for our Veterans, our seniors and our schools. He is also
fighting for clean and renewable energy programs: he even turned down a chance to be showered in cash by Duke Energy. Nugent, on the other hand, gladly accepted. (Duke Energy conspired with ALEC to tax solar panel users. Screw the free market, I guess, as long as
campaign donations are available, eh Rich?)

Dave faces an uphill battle, BUT here’s the thing: District 10 and District 5 have to be completely redrawn by Court Order since they were blatantly gerrymandered. This greatly affects District 11. One way or another, this district is going to drawn more fairly–
BEFORE the election! Dave has also campaigned relentlessly since filing. His events have him somewhere every single day. I only wish we had someone like him in every district. (For many districts, there is no Dem opposition at all.)

Donate, volunteer, or whatever you can to help this guy. Democrats are waking up, Veterans are tired of being played, and constituents are tired of being ignored. The GOP has built a power dam in Tallahassee–and a fighter like Koller might be just the leak we need to break

You can read more about Dave Koller at his website:

Aerospace Technology Training Set for NCT

Hernando Today

With significant job growth predicted in the aviation industry, the Hernando County School District this year will offer an aerospace technology training program at Nature Coast Technical High School.

The school board recently approved a partnership between the district and Corporate Jet Solutions, which has been at Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport since last summer. The first class will begin when school starts Aug. 18.

Bradley Dye, vice president of Corporate Jet Solutions, an affiliate of Dyenamic Aviation Services, said the program could help educate future pilots, technicians and mechanics, who might be badly needed in coming years.

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Dave Koller: Democratic Delays Explained

Dave Koller, Guest Columnist, Hernando Today

If you watched Rachel Maddow recently you might have seen her take on the recent proceedings during the meeting of the House Rules Committee. Brought to the table were amendments to the bill that would bring a lawsuit against President Obama. According to Robert’s Rules of Order the amendments must be voted on and resolved before the amendment itself is voted upon. Many thought these amendments were the Democrats’ way of delaying the vote but when you hear what the amendments address, I think you might disagree with that viewpoint.

These are the amendments as offered by Louise Slaughter, a Democrat from New York and former chair of the House Rules Committee who now serves as ranking minority member.

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Hernando Recycling Apathy Extends to County, Republic Services

Dan DeWitt, Hernando Times

That I recently called Hernando County residents apathetic when it comes to recycling generated very little outrage. Too much apathy, I guess.

But a few people, to their credit, did object.

Some of them doubted that curbside recycling is available to all of the county’s solid waste customers — which it definitely is — because they are concerned and well-informed residents and didn’t know this fact.

Others said they know it’s available, but have had a difficult time getting action from the county’s solid waste contractor, Republic Services.

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Bought and paid for with a Texas hunting trip

Carl Hiaasen, Miami Herald

Carl Hiaasen

Back when he first ran for governor as a self-styled outsider, Rick Scott lambasted his opponent in the Republican primary for taking campaign money from U.S. Sugar, one of the worst corporate polluters of the Everglades.

Scott indignantly squeaked that Bill McCollum had been “bought and paid for” by U.S. Sugar. He said the company’s support of McCollum was “disgusting.”

“I can’t be bought,” Scott declared.

Seriously, that’s what the man said. Stop gagging and read on.

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Florida Judge: Redraw Congressional Map Now

Tarini Parti, Politico

redraw the map

A Florida judge has asked the state legislature to redraw the state’s congressional map by Aug. 15, holding out the possibility that Florida could postpone some or all of its House elections until after the scheduled general election on Nov. 4.
Leon County Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis, who ruled last month that the Republican-controlled legislature violated the state constitution by taking politics into consideration when drawing two of the state’s 27 congressional districts after the 2010 Census, asked the legislature on Friday to submit a “remedial or revised map” within two weeks. After that map is submitted, he said he would “consider additional evidence as to the legal and logistical obstacles to holding delayed elections for affected districts in 2014.”
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Times Recommends: Johnson, Rowden and Duval for Hernando School Board

Hernando Times

The Hernando County School Board needs an overhaul. Individual members are ambivalent toward children’s safety, display little conviction for trying to match revenue with a capital plan topping $200 million, and issue public statements contradicting their own votes. On the Aug. 26 ballot, there is one open seat, and two incumbents seeking re-election in the nonpartisan, countywide races open to all voters. If no candidate collects 50 percent of the vote, the top two finishers will be on the November ballot. Voters should elect candidates committed to public education, bettering student achievement and working to ensure schools aren’t short-changed by fiscal policies tilted toward special interests.

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Critics Question Timing of Cemex Mine Delay

Hernando Today

cemex mine 2

A Cemex official said he has four months to convince residents their fears of expanding mining operations along State Road 50 and Fort Dade Avenue are groundless.

But a member of Neighbors Against Mining questioned a decision to delay presenting the proposal to county commissioners until Dec. 9, after the November general election.

Two seats on the county commission are up for grabs: District 2 where Wayne Dukes is facing opposition from Jimmy Lodato and Brian Moore and District 4 where Dave Russell is stepping down and Jeff Holcomb, Daniel Oliver, Laurie Pizzo and H. David Werder are running.

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Hernando Commission Approves Job-Creation Incentives for Three Companies

Hernando Times

When Richard Smith decided to move his company from South Florida to Central Florida earlier this year, he starting hunting in Hillsborough and Pasco counties.

Then he got snagged by the Hernando County economic development team.

Last year, he already had purchased a home and some acreage in Hernando, where he says he has numerous relatives. Finding a new business site near his home simply meant he could be close to his work. This week, Smith told county commissioners he loves his new arrangement.

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Sad State of Our Politics on Full Display

Leonard Pitts, Miami Herald

Leonard Pitts

It’s a revealing video.

Not in the sense of physical nakedness. No, what is naked in that clip is a kind of political opportunism that has become all too common.

Our scene is a roadside in Oracle, Ariz., where protesters have gathered. Word is, a busload of children from Central America is about to pass through, en route to a local shelter. People are there to shout at the bus.

Among them: Adam Kwasman, a tea party candidate for Congress. On the video, run by KPNX, a Phoenix TV station, Kwasman is seen inveighing against the flood of unaccompanied minors now showing up on the nation’s southern border when someone whispers to him and he abruptly cuts his spiel short. It seems the bus is coming.

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