Hernando Sheriff Still Doesn’t Get It: People Have a Right to Know

More GOP Secrets. What are they afraid of?

Dan DeWitt, Hernando Times

Dan DeWitt

As you have no doubt heard, there was a tragedy in south Brooksville two weeks ago.

Police say that a man with a long criminal record went on a rampage, shooting four people and killing three of them, including his longtime girlfriend and an 81-year-old woman who had helped raise him.

Within a few hours, we in the media knew, and therefore the public knew, the names of the people involved and how they were related. We knew the basic chain of events. We had the story.

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Timing, Results of Land Appraisal at Hernando Beach Marina Questioned

Hernando Times

The chief opponent of the rezoning at the Blue Pelican Marina in Hernando Beach has raised new questions about whether Hernando County officials were working behind the scenes to help the marina in the months leading up to the controversial rezoning vote.

Resident Forrest Bennett urged county commissioners Tuesday to avoid any project that would add to the boat and trailer crowding at the Hernando Beach boat ramps, noting that more parking “will only exacerbate the problems because of the bottleneck created by the limited carrying capacity of the ramps.”

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Some Charter Schools Can’t Even Last a Day; Taxpayers Are the Losers

The Real Answer Is Better Public Schools

John Romano, Tampa Bay Times

John Romano

Think of yourself as a stockholder in the corporation known as Florida.

You’re not getting a cash dividend from your investment, but your tax dollars theoretically bring returns in other, perhaps less quantifiable, ways.

Which leads to this bit of unfortunate news: Your money is being flushed away.

Routinely. Unapologetically. And with the gleeful assistance of your state leaders.

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A Quick History of Blaise Ingoglia! Yes, It’s True! You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Dan DeWitt, Hernando Times, September 21,2010

Dan DeWitt

Maybe, you Pasco County residents have seen the ads in your subdivision newsletter. Maybe on the Internet.

And maybe, if you don’t trust national politicians and you’re easily swayed by exclamation marks and capital letters, they might sound like something you need to see, these seminars, these bold, new exposes of waste and dishonesty that go by the name of Government Gone Wild — excuse me, GOVERNMENT GONE WILD! — and that promise to tell you “what the federal government does not want you to know!!”

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Election Day problems in Hernando started Early — and Ended Late

Barbara Behrendt, Hernando Times

In 14 years of voting in Hernando County, Spring Hill resident Diana Thomas says she had never experienced what she did in the Aug. 26 primary election.

Instead of simply scanning her driver’s license and handing her a ballot, a poll worker had Thomas recite her personal information, including her date of birth. Then the worker repeated the information over the phone to someone in the elections office, which Thomas considered an invasion of privacy.

“I wanted to know why these people were asking me for this kind of information,” Thomas said.

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Mystery Behind Robocalls Easily Explained by Politics of Power

Hernando Times

People who received robocalls targeting Hernando School Board candidate Jay Rowden last month might have wondered who was behind them.

The answer, apparently, is David Ramba, a veteran Tallahassee lobbyist and chairman of Voter Interest Group, the electioneering organization identified as paying for the calls.

Which raises more questions:

Why would Ramba be interested in a nonpartisan Hernando County School Board race?

Why would he want to support Rowden’s opponent, the eventual winner of last week’s primary, Beth Narverud?

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Hernando Still Hasn’t Solved Election Woes

Hernando Times

Shirley Anderson was elected as the Hernando supervisor of elections two years ago after promising to improve the efficiency and performance of the office. It was an easy pledge to make after the high-profile gaffes of her predecessor, but as the primary election polls closed last week and the counting and posting of vote totals began, it became clear Anderson has not yet fulfilled her pledge.

In her first big test, Anderson and her staff encountered computer problems, human error and assorted glitches that prevented results from being posted on her elections website in a timely manner. She published final results to Facebook just before 11 p.m., nearly four hours after counting began, and to her website nearly 30 minutes later.

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Despite potty mouth, lawyer gets it right on medical marijuana

Sue Carlton, Tampa Bay Times

 John Morgan

At the least, we should credit lawyer John “For the People” Morgan with knowing his audience in his recent and notable pitch to legalize medical marijuana.

There he was, that familiar round face from those TV commercials and billboards you see everywhere, live at the microphone at a rowdy Lakeland night spot after a debate with Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. The reported venue: The Boots ‘N Buckles Saloon.

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Justifications for extension of impact fee moratorium don’t add up

Dan DeWitt, Hernando Times

The uncertainty of the upcoming sales tax referendum was one excuse Nick Nicholson gave to put off — again — charging builders their fair share for new construction.

We won’t know how much we need in impact fees, Nicholson told his fellow Hernando County commissioners Tuesday, until we know whether voters will agree in November to add a penny of tax per dollar to their purchases.

Relax, Nick. You don’t have to worry.

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Nugent to Koller: “I’m royalty here!”

koller1           Richard Nugent

The Seminole Democrat

Rich Nugent is the Tea Party Congressman from District 11. He is one of those TP Caucus nuts who drives the public’s perception of Congress into the toilet. Currently, even Russia is polling higher than our own representative. Even Weeper of the House John Boehner can’t stand him.

Richard Nugent’s failed legislation reads like a right-wing wishlist: Repeal of the Health Care Law Act, Deauthorize Appropriation of Funds for ACA Act, Death Tax Repeal Act, and so on and so on. He is the one leading the call for impeachment for the President, and can’t
articulate why.

And why should he? Nugent is in what is currently a solid red district. He’s pretty confident of victory. When Nugent was asked about his Democratic opponent, David Koller, in this year’s
upcoming election, he had this to say:

“I have no idea who this David Koller is nor do I know what he’s thinking. I’m royalty here and liberals like Koller should know that.”

A self-proclaimed lover of the Constitution who thinks himself royalty. Sure, why not? Hypocrisy is his thang. This is a man who pays a ton of lip service to Veterans, then votes against their interest. This is a man who was repeatedly warned by Vet advocates about the
conditions at the for-profit Vines hospital, where Veterans with psychiatric issues are sent to be treated by people with no qualifications, but choose to ignore it.

This is a man who cheated because he didn’t want a fair fight for his seat.

Compare him to someone like Dave Koller. This is a man who does not think he is royalty by any means. At our meetup, he made sure he satisfactorily answered every question by everyone there. He really will fight for our Veterans, our seniors and our schools. He is also
fighting for clean and renewable energy programs: he even turned down a chance to be showered in cash by Duke Energy. Nugent, on the other hand, gladly accepted. (Duke Energy conspired with ALEC to tax solar panel users. Screw the free market, I guess, as long as
campaign donations are available, eh Rich?)

Dave faces an uphill battle, BUT here’s the thing: District 10 and District 5 have to be completely redrawn by Court Order since they were blatantly gerrymandered. This greatly affects District 11. One way or another, this district is going to drawn more fairly–
BEFORE the election! Dave has also campaigned relentlessly since filing. His events have him somewhere every single day. I only wish we had someone like him in every district. (For many districts, there is no Dem opposition at all.)

Donate, volunteer, or whatever you can to help this guy. Democrats are waking up, Veterans are tired of being played, and constituents are tired of being ignored. The GOP has built a power dam in Tallahassee–and a fighter like Koller might be just the leak we need to break

You can read more about Dave Koller at his website:  www.davekoller.com