Stop your whining, Floridians, and obey your monopoly

Robert Trigaux, Tampa Bay Times

Robert Trigaux

If Apple ran its business like Duke Energy in Florida, it would pitch black rotary phones, not the iPhone 6.

If Neil Armstrong worked for Duke Energy in Florida instead of landing on the moon, he would have taken a backward step for a man and done nothing for mankind.

In Florida, what we have is a failure to innovate when it comes to where our electricity comes from. Especially when it comes to Duke Energy. The state’s sorry lack of leadership compounds the problem.

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Does the Florida in Rick Scott’s TV ads have any vacancies?

John Romano, Tampa Bay Times

John Romano

The time has come for me to move on.

I have discovered a new and spectacular locale that defies belief. It is a place where the economy is bustling, and the problems are inconsequential.

People are always smiling, the environment is pristine and no one seems to care about, or need, health insurance of any type.

No doubt about it, I want to live in Rick Scott’s commercials.

Seriously, it looks like everyone has a job in Commercial Florida. And they don’t seem to mind if the job is only part-time or that they are being paid minimum wage.

Meanwhile, corporations are completely charitable in Rick Scott’s Florida. They don’t need to pay taxes because, gosh, they do so much for us already.

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’Tis the season for sleazy ads

Carl Hiaasen, Miami Herald

Carl Hiaasen

The season of sleaze is in full bloom.

More than 4,000 times, Gov. Rick Scott has broadcast a campaign commercial featuring an unnamed Floridian with a tale of woe.

The poor fellow claims to have been fleeced by convicted Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein and also former Gov. Charlie Crist, Scott’s Democratic opponent in the gubernatorial race.

While governor (and a Republican), Crist took campaign money from Rothstein.

Now we’ve learned there’s a good reason why the aggrieved citizen in Scott’s TV commercial wasn’t identified.

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Let’s Stop the Handouts to Big Business

Dan DeWitt, Hernando Times

Dan DeWitt

If Dick’s Sporting Goods had to pay for its new Spring Hill store’s full impact on nearby roads, the price would be about $385,000. Thanks to the Hernando County Commission, however, the national chain won’t pay a dime.

Just across the street from the under-construction Dick’s is a new Burger King, which, as a fast-food restaurant, generates traffic like no other use of its size. It, too, received a free pass on road impact fees, which according to a county consultant is a gift worth about $253,000.

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Owner Says Marina in Hernando Beach Is ‘A Story of Success’

Hernando Times

Hernando Beach

For eight years, Glen Lakes resident Carl Frimodig endured the drive to Homosassa and slow passage down the Homosassa River, where it took “a year and a day” to get his boat into the Gulf of Mexico.

Then in 2011, the Shell Oil retiree saw that a marina that had sat vacant for more than three years in nearby Hernando Beach was undergoing a metamorphosis.

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Hernando Sheriff Still Doesn’t Get It: People Have a Right to Know

More GOP Secrets. What are they afraid of?

Dan DeWitt, Hernando Times

Dan DeWitt

As you have no doubt heard, there was a tragedy in south Brooksville two weeks ago.

Police say that a man with a long criminal record went on a rampage, shooting four people and killing three of them, including his longtime girlfriend and an 81-year-old woman who had helped raise him.

Within a few hours, we in the media knew, and therefore the public knew, the names of the people involved and how they were related. We knew the basic chain of events. We had the story.

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Timing, Results of Land Appraisal at Hernando Beach Marina Questioned

Hernando Times

The chief opponent of the rezoning at the Blue Pelican Marina in Hernando Beach has raised new questions about whether Hernando County officials were working behind the scenes to help the marina in the months leading up to the controversial rezoning vote.

Resident Forrest Bennett urged county commissioners Tuesday to avoid any project that would add to the boat and trailer crowding at the Hernando Beach boat ramps, noting that more parking “will only exacerbate the problems because of the bottleneck created by the limited carrying capacity of the ramps.”

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Some Charter Schools Can’t Even Last a Day; Taxpayers Are the Losers

The Real Answer Is Better Public Schools

John Romano, Tampa Bay Times

John Romano

Think of yourself as a stockholder in the corporation known as Florida.

You’re not getting a cash dividend from your investment, but your tax dollars theoretically bring returns in other, perhaps less quantifiable, ways.

Which leads to this bit of unfortunate news: Your money is being flushed away.

Routinely. Unapologetically. And with the gleeful assistance of your state leaders.

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A Quick History of Blaise Ingoglia! Yes, It’s True! You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Dan DeWitt, Hernando Times, September 21,2010

Dan DeWitt

Maybe, you Pasco County residents have seen the ads in your subdivision newsletter. Maybe on the Internet.

And maybe, if you don’t trust national politicians and you’re easily swayed by exclamation marks and capital letters, they might sound like something you need to see, these seminars, these bold, new exposes of waste and dishonesty that go by the name of Government Gone Wild — excuse me, GOVERNMENT GONE WILD! — and that promise to tell you “what the federal government does not want you to know!!”

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